lost turntable


Certified Trainz Nut
whilst working on a layout yesterday, I came across a really cool looking turntable while looking for another item, but like a fool I forgot to write its name down so I could use it somewhere else on my layout.... and then promptly forgot its name.

now I cant find the darn thing.

it was a turntable with no roundhouse connected, it was green metalwork in colour. it had a control cabin and frame over the centre of the table rails to hold the power cables out of the way. and it had a foreign sounding name.

I thought it started with T or V but ive been right thru my T's and V's and no sign on it. itd take me hours and hours to go thru all my content to find it again, does anyone recognize it from its description?:confused:
Try looking under the "fixed track" category under the buildings tab:) Its a bit shorter than looking through each and everything.
found it it was called "fordito" and does look good but didnt suit where I was going to use it after all. nice looking tyurntable tho i reccomend it.

thanks for the help, only took me about 2 mins once i was only looking in fixed track.:wave: