Lord 9 uploaded payware assets on the DLS


Cab mode weirdo
I just noticed that the user "Lord9" has uploaded two assets from the "Sebino Lake" payware route on the DLS with his kuid.

This [unprintable] [unprintable] has not even bothered to change the preview images (thanks for the free advertising for TrainZItalia!!), and the KUIDs he used are just the same, apart from his UserID, as you can see below:

<kuid2:57230:25008:3> Villetta rustica 1 by Jango has become <KUID:334133:250083> Villetta rustica 1 by Lord9

<kuid2:53261:25047:3> Casa cantoniera 3 by Egos48 has become <KUID:334133:250473> Casa cantoniera 03 by Lord9

Both assets are used in the Sebino Lake route so, as clones of payware assets, they should be removed by N3V (I hope).

I understand N3V's policy as regards to the removal of stolen content requires a direct request from the original author: I already notified Jango.

Egos48, however, has left Trainz many years ago and I cannot get in touch with him. when he left, he entrusted TrainZItalia with his content, which has been subsequently managed and updated by our Staff. As an Administrator of TrainZItalia, I request the removal of his asset on his behalf.

P.S. I noticed this [unprintable] [unprintable] has uploaded many other assets, all cloned from other assets.



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Carlo Lagomarsino
TrainZItalia Administrator
I just noticed this thread, which is almost 10 years old:

Why is this repeated offender still around?
I agree this has become a bigger problem. My guess is he uploaded a route that needed the assets so he just cloned them without permission.
I was thinking the same. The sad part is, many of his cloned assets from Neo-clei and others are now in DLC packages. He may have had permission from Neo-clei to upload the animated people but I'm not so sure. I saw more of those on the DLS as well because he left the original thumbnail and the name is the same with the distinctive "n_" prefix.
I think that the introduction of multiplayer has opened a huge can of worms as regards to cloned assets.

I can somewhat understand (but not approve) a user who uploads an asset that is essential to play multiplayer on a route, but I am at a loss when I see multiple absolutely identical copies of the same asset uploaded to the DLS:

This [unprintable][unprintable] continues to upload stolen material: on September 29th he has uploaded to the DLS:

Casa cantoniera 03 KUID: <KUID:334133:250473> another clone of the "Casa cantoniera 3" with a different KUID (I fail to understand the logic of this guy)

<kuid2:53261:25047:3> Casa cantoniera 3 a clone of Fabbricato 1 <kuid2:69038:27401:3> by Rox, included in the Sebino Lake payware route

JA SEA capannone 1J KUID: <KUID:334133:255105> a clone of Capannone industriale 1J,<kuid2:57230:25510:4> by Jango. This has been downloaded from our website (it was not released elsewherw)

The two assets I reported a few days ago are still there.

The author of Fabbricato 1 <kuid2:69038:27401:3>, just like the author of the <kuid2:53261:25047:3> Casa cantoniera 3 has left the Trainz community many years ago but both these objects are part of a payware route.

Should I contact the helpdesk to have these clones removed?

As regards to the asset taken from our website, we reserve to take any action we deem appropriate, such as implementing a stricter registration process, e.g. requiring users to provide their KUID and N3V User ID.

I noticed the other assets that were uploaded. I wonder what the details are in the config.txt file. Sometimes, the thieves will leave the original author's details but put their own KUID on the asset.

Report the whole shebang to N3V. I would implement a stricter registration. A real Trainz-user shouldn't have an issue doing what you suggested. The late TPR used to have a similar registration process and that didn't seem to bother anyone.
I have a question for you Pendolino, just WHEN are there going to be any route downloads for gold members from trainz italia ? As a person who paid you $50 for membership, its extremely disappointing that its now quite a number of years since these downloads disappeared. I just thought that given your level of anger over these unauthorized uploads on the DLS you might also be concerned that you have accepted money for products and now there is nothing for those who paid their dues to download. If the route items are in the process of updating that's fine, but the original routes ought to be there for download and they are not. For instance its not possible for me to download a number of the routes I have on my computer that are from your site if I lose them in a HD crash.
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From the "author" Lord9, a lot of Czech objects also appeared on DLS, where the originals are for TRS_04,06. There are really a lot of those copied objects. The original authors have not been active for many years.

..... For instance its not possible for me to download a number of the routes I have on my computer that are from your site if I lose them in a HD crash.

That is exactly my case, I've lost WhitePass_v1_1_TS12build_61388.zip such way... :-(
Hi All
As always, if someone has uploaded your content without permission, then please submit a helpdesk ticket so that we can look into this for you. We will act on this very quickly, when received through the helpdesk.

If you believe user has uploaded another author's content, and you are able to contact that author, please let them know and ask them to contact us if the content was in fact uploaded without permission. We have recently had an incident that involved such a case, where a creator who has been out of the community for many years was contacted, and they then reported the uploads to us.

All these things are inevitable due to the nature of a basic concept of a DLC. It happens in all games which have editors and DLCs, such as Arma series, for example. IMHO, the only way to fight this phenomenon isto sell a full game without DLCs as it was done in the era of CD and DVD disks. I really miss those times. Pure capitalism has proved itself not working, as well as pure communism. Copying bits and bytes has become easy nowadays, especially when the game itself is distributed in a virtual, i.e. digital, way without any CDs or DVDs.
The [unprintable] Lord9 cloned a few of my derelict barrels without permission recently, so I reported them via the Helpdesk. They were deleted from the DLS within a couple of days and N3V sent him a warning message about it. If he keeps doing it after being warned, he could be banned and ALL his uploads (not just the clones of my assets) could be deleted. This actually happened to another serial offender last year who ignored the warnings.

If multiple creators all submit reports about the same offender (each regarding provable instances of their own assets being cloned, possibly re-skinned and uploaded without permission) then N3V can really bring down the hammer on these [unprintable] people.
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