Looking for a steam engin kit set to put togeather


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Hi all I live in DUNEDIN NEW ZEALAND and I can't find a model shop here that sells KIT SET MODEL STEAM ENGINS so What
I was wondering is can someone please help me out
and point me in the right direction Not too expensive ie $1000,00s
But the wife says I can spend a few hundred.
Thank you all for your help
Chris Sullivan
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For model kits of steam locomotives, we really need a bit more information...

What scale? HO scale?

What sort of skill do you have building kits? Are you after plastic kits, or metal kits?

Are you intending on having the locomotive running, or just a static display?

Do you have any preference to a particular prototype, or operator?

Hi Chris
1:72 is going to be a challenge to find anything kit wise for railways. The only steam loco kit I can find in this case is this one: http://www.modelsandhobbies4u.com.a...dels/trains/german-br-52-kreigslokomotiv.html

New Zealand model railways seem to be mainly Sn3.5 (S scale/1:64 scale, on track representing 3ft6in). It seems that there's not many/any kits currently available as far as a quick google search shows. I'd expect these to be very expensive anyway.

USA, you won't find anything in 1:72 or 1:76.5 (00) scales. You might find S scale, HO scale (1:87) or O scale (1:48), but kit built locos aren't that common these days in the US.

If you don't mind the prototype, metal steam loco kits are available for UK steam locos (00 scale/1:76.5), and Aussie steam locos (HO scale/1:87), and tend to range between $400-$800AU. A few names are DJH (UK locos mainly), Broad Gauge Models (Victorian Railways; currently use DJH for production), E-Z Kits (NSWGR prototypes, some are suitable for VR as well), AR Kits (NSWGR; uses DJH for production), and a few others around as well. Note, most of these kits are fairly complex to put together and generally should be soldered :)

Aussie locos are pretty close to NZ stuff
so I think I well look at "S"" scale stuff
and Steam locos are pretty cool so that's where I well look
Thank you Zec for your help
Chris Sullivan
S scale is a nice size. Models are large enough to see details well, etc.

B.T.S. has a couple of S scale steam locomotive kits available, of urethane, pewter and brass, of U.S. prototypes, specifically two different Maryland & Pennsylvania 2-8-0 locomotives -- one here and another here. They're just under $700 (US) each and apparently the company has additional locomotive kits that will be available soon. S Scale Locomotive and Supply offers a line of S scale lost wax brass detail parts that are claimed to very high quality that in the past were very popular in S scale among modelers who like to really "dress up" their models.