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Hardtack Sir,

It is great to see your recent re-skins of rolling stock, loco's, etc, include tagging, (graffiti) weathering, aging, realistic colouring, etc. They look really great and I've downloaded them all.

It's a shame that some other re-skinners can't be bothered applying the same level to detailing to their re-skins. (especially tagging & weathering, etc). Hopefully they will learn to do so over time. Fingers crossed!!!

Thankyou for all your fine work Sir.

Cheers, Mac...
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Yes. I`m not personally interested in hyperdetailed rolling stock or scenery (for one thing, I prefer to model model railroads, and for another, the hyperdetailed files are excessively large), but a few more graffiti-covered vehicles would not be amiss. I understand that some player do prefer the hyperdetailed items; however, there are still some of us who do not. Please, make a mixture for both sets of people. Might I suggest that assets be made available both ways?
Hello folks, i would like to interject my opinion as well. i have not seen Mr. Hardtack's work yet but i will look for it, as a newb (1/22) I'm just now beginning to reskin models. i like to see what every body's work looks like, something to strive to be like. i work in Gimp and still have not mastered it but enjoy reskinning loco's & rolling stock for my fictional routes . @ this time i do some basic weathering and paint work but don't super detail. maybe for others it's needed but for my little world it's not necessary. i like dispatching and driving the routes but want the custom loco's and stock for my world.
I will look into mr hardtacks work and see if i can learn from them.
Thanks for an interesting post and something i can look at and try to learn from regards John B.
Welcome to Trainz, John! There is never a lack of outlets for creative muses in Trainz. Please post screenshots of some of your creations, as no-talents like me always like to see what others come up with!