K&L Trainz Steam Locomotive pics!

Last but not least is the 1223 and Strasburg's #90 sitting together in the Strasburg Rail Road Enginehouse, just like old times!
The right string of passenger cars in this pic are about perfect. I would say stick with that color. Nice Pic too.


Morning Gents;

Sorry, just trying to figure out Photobucket. I finally just clicked on the photo and there it is (above)! Steve did a first class job on the N4a. I have never left the line up for commission work! I'm hoping the poor devil does not work himself to death, but I just got to have the best CNR locos possible! Thanks Steve! If you want to see a bigger photo of Steve's loco, let me know and I'll try to send one. I thought the "full size" photo would be too large. This is supposed to look like Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in the '50s. My route may not be great, but I've got the best locos and rolling stock I could hope for!

Now then, here comes N4b #2661. It is passing Lawerencetown Beach. Even the boys who came to look at the bathing beauties can't keep their eyes off her! I love them K&L steamers!

Oh yeah, thanks Photobucket!
Yes I 2 love the K&L steamers and have all his Pennsy stuff. I was thinking about doing some commission work glad to hear it went well for you.
Hey there KenRuof; Man, I could not be happier with the work that those K&L boys do! I was praying that I might be able to get them to consider doing the CNR locos. When you consider all that goes into making these beauties, the price for commission work is very reasonable. Of course you're going to pay more than 15 or 20 bucks, like the lucky fellas who get the new releases at the site. Have no fears, these guys are really good, well, great! You won't be sorry! Last year, I was told to try another loco builder. The price was very cheap. Those locos have been retired!

I have been in contact with Steve about doing commission work but am waiting till next year (he is busy) which is fine, I am in no rush. Also some nice shots we have, someday I'll post mine.
Either a beta or it's not a 2-10-0, if your talking about the one you see the number plate on it's not even the same number series... And if you're talking about the one that you see the drivers on it could be the 2-10-4 for all we know, we can't see if there are any trailing trucks or not.
I believe that engine you are referring to is the K&L Pennsy L1 2-8-2, it looks like there is a trailing truck besides it is to short to be an I1.