I found the cutest steam locomotive on K&L Trainz.


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John J Citron mentioned to me about getting pullmans from K&L Trainz. I did find the cutest steam locomotive I've ever seen for Trainz. It has that early 20th century American look I so treasure. Low step-down boiler, tall and clean cylinder smoke stack, tall sand domes. Cute spoked drivers and spoked non-drivers. This Pacific class of Canada is not big and ugly like most American Pacifics. 1900-1915 is the ideal era for cute/handsome North American steam engines. The passenger cars included with this train set might be some sort of Pullman. There are actual people sitting in the cars. The locomotive and its wheels doesn't have much in the way of silver/chrome trim. Both the cars and the cab interior lack nightime illumination. 8 American bucks for this cute train. I have my engines doubleheaded. This makes this charming old train even look more special. The engines can be custom numbered and so can the coal cars. Preston Island is hilly and curvy with aggressive grades topping out at 6.61%. I've always wondered how two steam locomotives were kept in sync. Did the crews of each and every engine communicate with hand-held Motorolas in 1905? No radio control as in diesel electric.


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.. thank you very much for this tip .. just bought it .. together with the src e10a mogul ..
having fun (module smyers)

It is a cutey. I have this already and I've put her to work pulling the Gull from Halifax to Eastport on NRHS fan trips. The real Gull from Halifax to Boston stopped running in 1962 and was pulled by CN and B&M E8s in the end. Putting together a steam consist for the fan trip is more fun, I think, and it looks awesome running at mainline speeds on my route.