K&L Trainz Locomotive texture problems in Trainz 2010


Last night I purchased Trainz 2010. I know that I already have TS12 and T:ANE, but I bought Trainz 2010 just for an addition to my Trainz game collection.

I have many steam locomotives from K&L Trainz already for TS12. However, some of the older K&L models are compatible with Trainz 2009 to 2012 and Mac.

When I place them on the track there are no textures. It's just all weird color pixels.


What you see here is the PRR M1b. I also downloaded the B&O E-27, and the New Haven F5 into the same game and they do pretty much the same thing. Also the smoke effects are acting weird also.

Is there any way to fix this problem?? Would stevelerro or anyone else be able to help me with this???

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance!!


EDIT: Also I registered my TS10 serial number with planet auran, but it doesn't show up on the timeline by my username.
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.........and it's not just the K&L Steamers...................


I just downloaded this class J #600 from the DLS a few moments ago, and when in game this engine did the same exact thing.

Will I need to uninstall TS10 and re-install it again????
Shane does have the link to his tutorials as a sticky at the top of the General Forums page...

This is an easy fix.

Go into Content Manager

Go to settings and uncheck compress textures, or whatever it's called under Misc options.

Find your assets.

Open for edit then Commit them.

They should be all set going forward and don't check that box again! ;)

I tried that out and the end result...........


Four visually appealing steam locomotives running by the camera as a way of saying thanks.

Now I can enjoy my newest addition to my Trainz game collection from now on!!!!!!!!!:clap::Y::clap::Y::cool::):udrool::mop:

Thanks again JCitron!!!!!