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I'm a fan of K&L Trainz, and I love the work they do with their high-quality steam locomotives. I've made a wishlist of steam locomotives I would really like to see them do and to give their content a bit of variety.

So here's the wishlist:

-B&M Class A41 4-4-0

-B&M Class B15 2-6-0

-B&M Class J1 4-4-2

-B&O Class A3 4-4-2

-B&O Class P7 4-6-2

-B&O Class T 4-8-2

-CB&Q Class O5 4-8-4 in original form

-CB&Q Class S4 4-6-4

-CN Class K2 4-6-2

-CN Class K5a 4-6-4

-CN Class U1 4-8-2

-CN Class U2 4-8-4

-CN Class U4a “6400 Series” 4-8-4

-CP Class F1 4-4-4

-CP Class G3 4-6-2

-CP Class G5 4-6-2

-CP Class H1 4-6-4 including “Royal Hudsons”

-Grand Trunk Class K3 4-6-2

-GTW Class U3 4-8-4 in original form

-N&W Class E2 4-6-2

-N&W Classes K1 to K3 4-8-2s

-PRR Class F3 2-6-0

-PRR Class M1 4-8-2 in as-built form

-SP Class GS1 4-8-4

-SP Class MT4 4-8-2 in as-built form

-SP Class P8 4-6-2

-SP Class T31 4-6-0

-UP Class MT1 4-8-2

-UP Classes FEF1 and FEF2 4-8-4s in as-built form (along with the other variants)

-UP Classes P7 to P13 “Heavy Pacific” 4-6-2s

It would be really great if K&L Trainz did all of these locomotives for me (as well as suitable rolling stock to go with them), even if I have to pay for them as commissions. And I would be really happy if they did do them.
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Have you checked out TrainzForge?
If you're talking about the UP Class FEF 4-8-4, I was referring to the as-built versions. At least they would be show in their original liveries.

But yes, I have checked out Trainz Forge and they do good high-quality stuff.
That's a lot of locomotives. He is probably busy doing the ones on his list now. He does them one at a time before moving on to the next one and that takes a month or more. I would like to see somebody do a CP 4-6-2 G5 like the 2317 Steamtown has. K&L Trainz has a similar one but it doesn't have the running boards on the sides for 2317 or Pocono Mountain Route. It said Pocono Mountain Route in the mid-late 80's before the NPS repainted the two steam locomotives into CP and CN. They wore a Lackawanna scheme from 1985-1988 when owned by the Steamtown Foundation. The NPS formed Steamtown National Historic Site in 1986 while the Foundation was still running excursions through 1987. Excursions returned in 1989 by the NPS and ran north to Kingsley, PA through 1992 because of bridge work on the Pocono line toward Moscow. There was a doubleheaded excursion to Binghamton, NY in Sept. 1992. Excursions returned to Moscow and beyond in 1993.