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1. How du i change the gauge of the track cos i wanna create a narrow gauge railroad.
2. How du i make interactve coal and water things but can u also tell me what their called.
3. how du i make interactive stations.


Hi Jon,

Welcome. You may be interested to know that we try to type in English on these forums, not Geek speak, net speek, leet speek, freak speak, or any other shorthand form.

Having said that:

To change the gauge of a track, you select either standard gauge, ng (narrow gauge)...or bg (broad gauge) from the track menu fly-out in Surveyor.

To configure industries and passenger stations (which are industries), you must install the item on you route, connect the track and then use the "?" button on the fly-out menu. Then click on the object, and you will be able to name it and set it's parameters.

You can't actually change the track gauge. You have to lay narrow gauge track when you build the layout or replace the existing track on a layout with narrow gauge track.
If you need active industries for your steam locomotive, there is a steam filling station, or steam service station (I forget the exact name) built into TRS2004 and probably TRS2006. the track will change to match whatever track you attach to it. There are also interactive water towers and coaling facilities on the DLS. Limit the search to buildings and structures, then search for coal and you should find something.
Some passenger stations are active, others aren't. If it has a checkmark in the surveyor object window it's active, otherwise you set the station on your layout, click the ? button in the lower right corner of the window and then click the station. If a blank window opens with only the name, it's not active. You can use an invisible station under it to make it active. Make sure your track runs to the invisible station.
If there's anything else, come back and see us again.

:cool: Claude