JS01 Highland Valley (Sampler)

This is a technology sampler for JATZ, it is a simple run up to Highland Valley driving a Redhen consist.

Please note that initially at least this will not be on the DLS initially, things are likely to change radically.

Download here
KUID Error

If you installed an early version of this you will end up with two installed into Trainz, go to Manage Content and delete the one that is not kuid:59904:86001

Sorry about the hassle I had forgotten to manually renumber it to the JATZ Sampler KUID sequence
Finally got around to giving this a run and all went well just no indication at stations as when to depart.

Sorry for delay answering didn't see your message.....

The passenger delay is default industry, where you lose the controls and then they come back. It just doesn't seem to be doable to have RBR style driving using session/rule processing without an inordinate amount of effort. Problem is that I do not want to embark upon writing a Windoze/MacOS compiler and Trainz/T:ANE still do not seem to support Activity development (ie payware etc).

When I finish the first full version of Jenolan's CESS code (ie the site) I will review (again) the sessions I have looked at (mainly payware that has cost me buckazoids for little value) and the JS01 and see if I am able to cook up at least a few rules that will allow then the use of session based Activities, if not well it is either then a dummy spit (which no one will see) or I will start writing a new T:ANE based Activity compiler.

No worries Larry :Y:.

I know your busy with your site and Norm is still plugging away with his scenarios for T4 & T6.

As we say "it'll be ready when it's ready".