Itrainz Update


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Now, Itrainz is now ready for joining members once again. All you have to do is register to so that you can access all areas of my forums. Next read the rules at (or click on my signature image). Then get your module built, then put all the member's Trainz's usernames into your buddy list and off you go :) .

I've got to ask, is anyone intreseted of joining?

If so, post here.
nice idea and everything, i tryed to create something like this when 2006 came out, only had 3 peaple that particapated but it was great

id love to join in but no offence, im not a british themed pearson in Trainz :p

i might start it back up again, be on the lookout for something named Rocker Yards in the forum
I have updated the rules so that your module can be based from any country since I would like to have mixed themed modules.
Here are the latest rules for the Itrainz club. All these rules are on the site (click the banner in my signature). The changes should account for everyone and should allow for a wider audience.

1) Your module

You must construct a module first and you may edit it however you like, let your imagination go wild.

The module size should be about 3 boards max however, if you plan to use an industry that has a large foundation (e.g. airport or seaport), you may use upto 5 boards as you will need the room.

The module can be based on any country you wish but I would suggest that you use your country of origin as the module's country style. For example, if you live in the UK, then your module would be UK based.

You can only use standard gauge as its the only gauge the iportal can allow unfortunatly. It would look out of place if you see a regular engine on narrow/broad gauge track or vice verser.

If you wish, you may send your finished module to the DLS but that is completely optional.

2) Your Locos and stock

Any Locos and stock that you use in the sessions that is not built-in must be listed as kuids and/or names. These must be posted on my forums in the Itrainz section or the Auran Trainz Forums (under Itrainz Update). This is so that it would be easily circulated around members and give those who are planning to join to download them.

Your rolling stock that is on your module must be able to carry industry active goods. Here is a list that may help you: -

a) Mineral Wagons, Hoppers or gondalas - these carry lumps (e.g. coal), chips (e.g. woodchips) or grain (e.g. barley)

b) Log wagons or flat trucks - these carry logs, boxes, lumber or containers (essentially anything box or log shaped)

c) Tankers - these carry anything liquid such as oil, fuel or water

3) Your Content

All content including locos and rolling stock must be freeware and the best place for it is the Auran Download Station (DLS). If your content is not from the DLS, you must provide the web address or name and kuid of the supplier.

You may use content from any age but I reccomend that you use post war content as the bulk of it is industry active.

I would strongly recommend that we all use built-in content to avoid errors and to save time
a little problem

when i try to download the season one, a message is sent saying
Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

which is odd, because that only appears if the internet is not connected.