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Hi everyone,

Yesterday, I decided to update my copy of TRS22 from Beta to Early Access. (build 116493 on macOS Monterey 12.2.1) In the process, however, I found that a lot of dependencies were randomly deleted. More specifically, a selection of assets that were included in a content package, regardless of their location, were randomly deleted from my computer alongside ones downloaded from the DLS (but not anything installed from a CDP file, surprisingly). If they were always on the DLS and never included in a content package, then I could simply redownload them. However, if it was included in a content package, no matter whether or not it's on the DLS, it cannot be reinstalled (for some obvious reasons related to copyright, probably).

My question is this - how would these assets have randomly been deleted? And would deleting and reinstalling the content package in question (which I believe is ALL of them) help out? And has anyone else encountered this problem when updating to the Early Access version of TRS22?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Have you updated the DLC (click on the Update tab in Content Store). I would think most files that are updated would obsolete existing content rather than delete it outright. If you have examples where you've installed hte latest content and you're missing various assets, please provide a list of KUIDs. You can copy paste these from Content Manager.
AFAIK, there’s no updates to the DLC I’ve installed (which is all of it), so I haven’t installed any updates. All of my TANE, TRS19, TRS19 Platinum & TRS22 routes and sessions that are either “Packaged” or “Built-In” have missing dependencies, and I have no idea how they were lost. None of the routes are fully packaged - even Kickstarter County 2 somehow!

That’s the issue I’ve been experiencing. Hope this clarifies things a bit more.

EDIT: Kickstarter II's actually been completely wiped, alongside the Content Creation Sample route! If I were to do a clean install of TRS22 (as in, manually deleting the app and then reinstalling it), would all of my content installed from both third-party sites and the DLS be deleted, or kept since the local folder is being kept?
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There are definitely a number of new DLC updates and no missing deps when fully installed.

What steps did you take once you patched the build?

If you didn't do anything other than restarting the game, then your local data folder has changed. (Read the TRS22 post about the required steps).
Yeah, after patching, I did nothing. That's probably why I'm experiencing these errors. Where would be the post you've mentioned, by any chance?