Issues w/ Updating TRS22 to Retail


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So I'm getting pretty sick and tired of TRS22 SP2 taking forever for me to edit properties, I really don't use Surveyor 2.0 (although it does look cool), and it seems SP3 borks the game even more. So I was planning on completely starting over on a new install. I don't have the disk image for TRS22 Beta, but I have the opened application on an SD card that I got from a backup of my older laptop. My plan was to update from this Beta version to SP1 and just stick with it. As a test I tried to see if it would work fine, it did, and I could update it from Beta to Early Access, meaning that I could use this just fine and not worry about losing the original installer. However, I couldn't update from Early Access to Retail, because of this:

(It says it's on the Desktop because it was a test by the way)

Obviously it's checking for one file and can't find it, but is there any way to fix this? Especially considering that it could go from Beta to EA, do I maybe need to change install path?
The install path should read something like this if you installed the default.
C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\N3V Games\trs22\build pcfr7ttv1
The path must end at "build pcfr7ttv1" (the letters and numbers will be different). It is looking for the folder not file. You can download from MyTrainz, you don't need old installers.
On your launcher screen under settings/install, the path should read the location of your build folder. Then on the launcher screen settings/install you may need to change the update stream.
Just out of curiosity I tried changing the install path between "TRS22" and "TRS22 Beta" in the updater, both gave me this same error, curiously the missing file changed though. Although it was different in that the installer assumed both builds were retail versions in the TRS22 path, whereas the Beta path correctly stated that it would be going from Early Access to Pre-Release.

As for why I'm not using a Trainz Portal installer, it's because that would end up going to SP2, which is what I'm trying to avoid.

Though...are you saying it should be updating my database and not the app? The launcher has the path that TRS22 automatically made as the install in this test version (in the copy of TRS22 I use I made my own folder but it's to that path), and the updater has only those two options
You have two folders when you install, the data folder which is what Trainz looks at, and the game install which is what gets the updates. Trainz also needs to have a connection with the data folder because it also gets updated.

The path should only point to the folder that contains the following folders
Not to any of the above in the folder.

What is your path that shows in the install window?
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It appears something is corrupting your download.

Exclude Patch Installer.exe and Trainz from your antivirus and see how this goes. If you did this for your other versions, they may work but you will have to do the same for this version.

You can also download the update manually instead of going through the launcher. I found this to be better in many ways. Navigate to where the program is installed. Run Patch Installer.

This will bring up the same interface you see when you use the upgrade option on the Launcher.
Would some of the things you suggest work for a Mac? I know that you reference EXE files, but it should be the same otherwise.