Is this a good keyboard/mouse set?

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Simple answer NO !!!

I was given a new k/b and mouse, both wireless.

As I create a lot, I had to replace my mouse batteries every 2 days !!!

I eventually bought rechargeable batteries and recharger, another $25, so it was an expensive lesson !!
Like Bob Barker on "The Price is Right" TV game show, I prefer wired keyboard and mouse to wireless ones. He prefers wired mikes. I have Logitech Corded Deluxe Access keyboard and Microsoft Corded Optical Wheel Mouse for several years.
Well what's a good keyboard/mouse set for under $50 USD, that has lots of features, and the mouse having a minimum of 5 buttons that you would recommend?

Unless you have a particular reason/situation that cannot accept 2 wires, stay away from wireless.
Fry's, Circuit City, local computer stores offer keyboards and 'meeses' for minimun dollars! Use them for a year or two, and if they go belly up, send them to the recycle shop and repurchase. They are the most inexpensive items in your system.

My thoughts ---DLR

The thing is I need lots of function keys, and I also love the ergonomic design. This poorly designed, junk HP keyboard makes my wrists ache (arthritis, runs in family :()
Same with me...fortunately I haven't gotten to that stage yet. I'm still browsing the stuff a'll catch my eye..then it's $89...$65...If you're willing to give up your could get the Optimus Maximus...but to our chagrin it is wireless.

Hold it! The wireless set up is good, believe it or not. I buy them BUT I don't use the mouse except for my emergency back up mouse. As stated above, the mouse will eat up batteries like a kid eats candy but the keyboard batteries will last a couple years. I like to type with my board in my lap.:)
I've got money to burn. In fact, I already have some rechargable batteries and their own charger. I'll see how much length of life they can give the mouse. :D

It's a strange pet peeve. I hate cords. Maybe I should've just gotten an iMac... :p
Rechargable batteries don't even last as long as regular batteries. You'll be changing batteries out till you're blue in the face.:D

If you're not going to take out advice, why did you start this thread???:eek:
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I use Logitech MX1000 wireless laser mouse,it has its own dock,and you can get rid of the pad.
PS No Batteries
Simple answer NO !!!

I was given a new k/b and mouse, both wireless.

As I create a lot, I had to replace my mouse batteries every 2 days !!!/quote]

I got a new notebook wireless mouse (one of the microsoft variety) and I never had that problem. MS did state it would cope 6 months between charges (or new batteries) and it stuck to MS claim.... that was until I got a Duracell cell and lost it either on the train or in college.

Oh, when I got my replacement mices, I got a desktop wireless laser mouse and another notebook optical mouse. Now, 2 laptops running wireless mices didn't work too well, the first problem is interference as they both will constantly interfere with each other in close proximity (I got a wired mouse for this, it was a cheapie, but it worked.), the second problem is the surfaces that the laser one will work on, it doesn't like all surfaces, in fact, it hates my mouse mat, that has been wearing out for the past 2 years. (It also hates my bare desk and I can't use it on a glass surface!)
I had the original Wireless Laser 6000, the one with the somewhat clearish keys, and I used that for Trainz and World Of Warcraft, with no problems. The battery life with the MS mouse was a lot better than with the Logitech wireless mouse I had about a year and a half ago. That thing chewed through batteries like you wouldn't believe. The MS mouse, on the other hand, turned itself off it if hadn't been touched for a few minutes. I currently have the MS Habu mouse and MS Reclusa keyboard, both wired MS/Razer products.

Personally, there is nothing wrong with using wireless. But do a lot of research into both wired and wireless desktop sets. Try not to limit yourself to one option, unless that is precisely what you want.

After reading a few posts the origional 6000 series I was going to get doesn't sound that bad. I think I will order it. If I don't like it I can return for a refund (within 30 days). :cool:

The reviews on it on NewEgg are confusing as heck. There are users with no problems who love their keyboard/mouse set, and then there are ones that want to drive a drill through the keyboard and give the mouse to their cat or dog. :confused:
An update, the keyboard right now is sitting in a Memphis warehouse (it should arrive by January 4th), and just about 30 minutes ago my mouse died, so now I'm stuck with an awful scroll ball mouse. :(

Oh, and I also ordered a mouse pad, because this one is starting to turn into junk too. :cool:
i have a logitech mx110 w/less keyboard and mouse, the first set of batts were duracell and they lasted 2 days but i tried a set of my dads rechargeables and they lasted 3-4 weeks, so i brought another set, they are energizer rechargables 2500mAH most standard rechargables are around 700mAh
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