Is there a problem with the trainz servers?

I have noticed that I can't download anything from the DLS, or install CDP files. When I try to download from DLS, it can't connect to server, and when I try to install CDP's, it say "Lost connection to trainz asset database" Is this on my end, or Trainz's? If it is on my end, how can I fix it?
Time zone, it says at the top, AEST

Lifetime FCT's are no longer advertised, haven't been for a year or so, whether they will ever reappear is anyone's guess.
The servers are managed from Australia, but are located in Texas - Houston for that matter.

As stated the Lifetime FCT is no longer available, but annual ones still are.

I'm guessing that the servers may be getting extra traffic with all the updates appearing, had close on 1500 yesterday for 49922 and 80 for 61388.