Invisible Loco.


Mechanical Engineer
Have downloaded the 150/2 DMSL & it`s partner DMS

Kuid`s 45317:52201 & :57201

The problem is they don`t show an image in the list of stock or in the bar across the bottom when making up a consist.
This makes it difficult, as I need to turn alternate units to face right instead of left.

Have emailed Nexusdj, but no reply. Any Ideas on a cure please.

One thing I have noticed in the config file is, where it says "bogey" in red, there is no kuid No. just the No. 101418 in black.

Could this be something to do with it ?
Hi there.

Which version of Trainz are you using?

Some kuids do simply appear as numbers in the config.txt like that. It shouldn't be the problem.

Many creators don't bother to add a thumbnail to their creation. It's the thumbnail that gives a picture in the list. This is the most likely cause of your problem.

Have you tried placing the item on track in Surveyor? Does it show up? If it does then simply use the rotate button in the rolling stock tab to turn it around. If it doesn't then you need to start tracking down what the problem might be. If you're using 04 then Trainz Objectz is your tool. Do a search for missing dependencies. If you're using 06 then you use CMP somehow but as I am an 04 dinosaur I don't know how you do that.

Sometimes when an item fails to show up properly (plain white or suchlike) it can be solved by switching between OpenGL and DirectX but if it isn't showing up in Railyard that is not likely to be the issue.


Hi, I`m using UTC.

The train shows up in "my collection" & in "Driver" when I add them to a consist, but it`s a devil of a job to turn a unit as it doesn`t appear in the "consist bar" where you r/click to rotate the unit.

Have checked with "Trainz Objects" but it says no problems.
In the config list, there is nothing attributed to "Thumbnail"
I've never owned UTC but I did cut my teeth on the original Trainz 1.3 so I have an idea how you set up your consists.

You fill up the consist bar at the bottom and that's where you have to choose the direction of each vehicle. One of my favourite combinations was a pair of F7s back to back; they looked so cool! Frequently I would download GeePs and other high hoods as well as F7s that didn't come with a picture. All I would get in the consist bar was a black box. All I could do in that case was to assume that each loco was presented facing forward. I would then rotate the second loco and sure enough it would come out how I wanted them when I drove them. It's irritating I know but you don't have a lot of choice. The trick is to know how many times you've clicked the "rotate" button! If you do it carefully you should be able to get what you want. I take it they are showing up when you go into "Driver"?


You`ve got the jist of it, but I don`t even get a black box in the consist bar, it`s just empty. Figuring out where to click is the main problem, at the moment I`m using a Mk2 coach inbetween the units so that I can judge where they are from the spacing of the Mk2`s.
1) Have you checked for missing dependencies with a program called TrainzObjectz?

2) Are you running build 404 of UTC?

3) Are you sure that you downloaded the item for your version of Trainz and not for TRS2004 or TRS2006?