BLW/ZT MSTS Payware converted to Trainz Driver 2... By N3V.

Didn't think I'd come back.
So.... Screenshots (and video) recently surfaced of some new DLC for Trainz Driver 2. We immediately began speculating it was a convert of some kind (N3V has a history of such). Then it was pinpointed to be Belanger Locomotive Works/Zosa Trains conversions. MSTS Payware. Yikes. Now, I already emailed the great folks there (as I had gotten permission for FREEWARE conversions last year) to get the story, and one of the members apparently gave some kind of permission under some agreement to allow these to be sold as N3V payware.

As far as we could tell, only 2 packs are converted: SP Daylight Pack and the CN Super Continental. we discussed this situation and I found myself getting somewhat miffed, then just angry, and for the life of me I can't understand why.
Is it because of the pandering to [arguably] the worst game in the entire franchise, one a lot of us have a history of problems with? Is it the fact they're getting some kind of 'special treatment' in the most lazy way possible? The fact they're PAYWALLING it too? One thing I can think of is I had actually been working with a partner to update/replace the old SP 3/4 Dome model we had done back in 2020 and to just see this - the MSTS convert thrown up for Mobile Trainz Payware (and not even the latest one) .... Somehow, that feels like a slap in the face to our previous efforts. I know N3V needs their money, but this just feels scummy.

Don't get me wrong, I love their stuff. The MSTS community is under different standards and a lot of that content was made with a lot of passion. I am in no way dunking on their works or their people. That's not the issue. Am I just whinging about nothing? Is the feeling on this mutual? I'm not sure. What is everyone else's thoughts? I'm keen to listen about other opinions.
Well, the Trainz Webistes there asking Rolling Stock in Trainz Driver is Not Allowed or Allowed on the Game!
Bought the SP model for TD2 in like, Dunno, November? why did they do this? TD/S2 has strangely been getting more love than TS3...