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Welcome to the all new Trainz Connections section. It will be one of the many publication platforms for the Trainz Journalists.

Trainz News will cover news updates from anything related to trains and rails. The common topics covered in this section will be Rail event news, Special runs, Commission or decommissioning of trains, community meet ups, model railway news etc.

We will use the Competitions section to host regular competitions amongst our customers.

Trainz Community section will contain news related to anything happening in the world of Trainz. You will find news and updates related to content releases by N3V and Third part content creators, Trainz meets, etc.

Trainz Talk
will cover various articles, fictional write ups and rail fan pictures contributed by our community members.

New threads in the above three forum sections can only be created by N3V Community Staff. All forum members will have access to post replies and take part in polls as usual.
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2016: We have now allowed access for all users to make posts in order to increase the popularity of these "Connections" forums.

Quality articles from these sections will be selected to be featured on the blogs and the Trainz Forums main page to get them the spotlight they deserve.
We will also be covering rail events from around the world through our Trainz Journalists.

To get the whole community section under one wing, we are moving Trainz Community sub-forum from Mainline- Trainz Discussion group to the new Trainz Connections group.
Users can continue to use Trainz Community section like they used to do before.

We hope to see you all taking active part in this new Trainz Community feature; be it submitting your articles and news, sharing your railfan pictures with the rest of the community, stating your opinion against submitted articles, or taking part in our various competitions. We are sure there will be something for everyone out there who loves trains.

Click here for more details on how to become a Trainz Journalist.

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Not open for further replies.