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Hi All

I am in the process of organising an International Trainzer Convention in Sydney in October 2008. Would like to get as many people from overseas as possible to give it a truly international flavour. So heres your chance to come and have a holiday in Australia and to meet others who have the same interest in Trainz.
The convention will include

1 Tutorials on using Surveyor
2 Tutorials on using GMAX and 3DSmax
3 Lectures on Rail History
4 A day trip to the Zig Zag Railway (narrowguage steam)
5 A day trip to the Thirlmere Rail Museum (standard guage steam and diesel )

There is also a trip to Brisbane to visit the homebase of Trainz at Auran for those interested.

There will be rest days for family sightseeing, shopping or just relaxing by the pool.

If you are interested in coming please reply to this thread so we are able to guage numbers for booking accomodation.


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Why are all the interesting conventions so far away from me? The Trainz convention is in Sydney, the Transport Tycoon convention is in Amsterdam, the NMRA convention is in Detroit...

Hi Collin,

I wish I could, very much doubt I can - but would be very interested as Australia is a place I wish I could visit.
Together with New Zealand I might add, as both seem to catch my interest. ;)

No commitments, but I will keep it in mind and try to follow this great idea and see if I can in the end if it happens.

Good idea, good luck!

Best wishes

lol , i would be intrested in visiting Australia for a convention , i matter in fact , that might be my next vacation if i can persuade my folks and get my passport on time.............
Hope all of you can save your pennies and make the convention as it would be a pleasure to meet you face to face.

RooRocz where do you live?

PVincent I am sure we could add a tutorial session on reskinning if you are willing to do it.

Linda have looked forward to meeting you since we first started corresponding on mining. If you are able to get here would you be interested in giving a talk on Mining Railroad history?

Wilee a man after my own heart. Have travelled on many Trampers and Freighters over the years as I prefer ship to flying.

Hopefully we can get enough interest that we may be able to get cheaper travel fares by doing group bookings for your country or by combining people coming from nearby countries. So if you know of any Trainz people near you let them know about the convention and encourage them to come.

If any of you are members of other forums please put up a notice about the event and let others know who might not visit the Auran forums.

Many Thanks
Not everyone of every age is gonna be able to come. Since October is school for both kids in the northern and southern hemesphire, no reasonable kid is gonna come. Only dumb kids who play hooky all the time are gonna come.
Hi Collin,

I'm not a big talker (as in, holding speeches and talk to a group of folk), so from the first though to my head I would have to say, sorry, I don't feel I can do that. :(
But, things can change, just doubt it.

Still, I would just love meet you, and other people I might have had the pleasure of talking with thanks to Trainz.

My husband checked the prices to Australia this time of year, and around October this year - and the prices was way out of our range for the time being, with the house building maybe, just maybe, picking up again if bank is willing and I can pull of a decent drawing and deals with people.
So, judging from that I would say it will be 2012 or something before we can afford it, but I live in hope that one day I deserve a miracle again and life becomes real great again. :)

Till then, dreams keep my and maybe all of us alive, love the idea, dread the speech thing, but other then that, would been a great trip!

Best wishes

Sounds like a bloody good idea, run this one up the flag pole and see what happens.

Would love a trip to invade the world of Lance and Alan, should be able to put a few pennies aside to have a bit of fun.

Love to have a chat and a bit of a showman so more than happy to stand up in front of a crowd and bang my gums, what you need a turtoral or just a good stand up comedy routine.

All the best
Would be more then happy to organise reservations for a carriage specifically for our group at the Zig Zag Railway since I am a member and all;)

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At No Extra Cost

:eek: The convention should be able to include a visit to the place where the Trainzers of Sydney started-- the infamous "dungeon " under Uni Technology Sydney- Groups of 15 at a time - with a trained "dungeon" master-- "Keeper of the Keys-- There might be tea and coffee (or milk and cookies ) if you are good
Good idea Wazzer:p
Can't have a good convention without visiting the Sydney Trainzer HQ:eek:

I'd be in for some cookies:D

easy vape
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