Newcastle Trainzer Day


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A few people have expressed interest in having another Trainzer day in Newcastle.

We should aim for a day in the next couple of months before it gets too cold.

Let me know who is interested in either the 22nd or 29th April.

I will check with the Tennis Club as to which Sunday will be available.

Sounds great:). I'll be there. Last times one was great. Hopefully we can interest a bigger gathering;). Keep us posted Dennis.

cheers, Daniel
Sorry Colin, travel costs would be too high for your part of the world.

I forgot about Steamfest, so it looks like either 29th April, 6th May, 13th May, or 20th May. Let me know your prefered dates so we can cater for the most attendees.

I will head down to the Tennis Club on Tuesday and see which days would suit them. Might even partake in a couple of beers while there.

Do you know when it is? Depending on which weekend I might be able to make the journey up from Sydney.

Great work Den

Keep us posted

Well worth a visit for all the Newcastle 'orn Unter' ((( noowt about Tynesiders )) locals -- and any of the Sydney siders - in for a quick trip up the Short North----

(@ Col -- try and contact Bob Ellis(Bob48)-- as he also has ideas about a Tynesiders get together )
(@ Bob48 -- ?email me if poss ?)
Righto, I have just returned from the Tennis Club, their beer still tastes good.

They have a Country & Western do every second Sunday so we have to use the other weekend so it won't be too crowded and noisy.

ATM it looks like Sunday 20th May.

Is that OK with you all?

If so I will ring and book it.

May be there if I can escape from the constraints of the Aussie bush...
Well Semi-rural City as everyone in Orange likes to call it:p

Might have to stay home and help my grandad on the farm:rolleyes: All these lightening storms and rain has made the grass grow....
Shame he just sold the last of his cattle...:eek: Could have made a good herd with the feed...
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Well so far only one answer.

C'mon chaps, who's in for the 20th May?

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Hi Dennis,
I would be interested, what is the address and proposed times.
I'm thinking of catching a train up from Sydney for a change, it is near a station.