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Electric Locommotive Japan

maybe this screenshot is a little bit out of context from Indonesian Trainz, :hehe:
I dreamed what if PJKA in the 80s decade, had finished to build electrification for the northern line of the Java and then presented an electric locomotive from Japan, especially from JR
an illustration, which i tried to make in trainz



if this really happened, this locomotive would have a unique PJKA numbering, "BBB 100 class"
BBB : consist of an arrangement of 3 bogies, with each bogies having a 2 driving wheels
100 : classified as an electric locomotive

just my imagination :hehe:
Depo Lokomotif Ambarawa

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For anyone who wondered why there is a CC50 (SS1600) parked there, in real life until mid-1970s there were some CC50 locomotives that were allocated there for hauling trains between Kedungjati and Ambarawa (Willem I). Due to the closure of Ambarawa Line in 1976 caused by collapse of Krasak River bridge and decreased ridership, CC50 locomotives were sent to Cibatu depot for replacing aging CC10 locomotives on Cikajang Line (and their career eventually went into end after the closure of Cikajang Line and complete abolition of mainline steam traction by PJKA).
German Engineering, DKA D 52 Steam Locomotive

(left to right) D 52 034 Madioen, D 52 086 Kutoardjo, D 52 089 Sidotopo

The Electric and Steam Trams in Java, Part of the Surabaya

permission to donate my screenshot :wave:

a point of view from the city of surabaya, 1950s era



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