Illinois Railroad Museum W.I.P Thread

Did up the jointbars. We decided on four bolts instead of six for these.

Jokes aside.

To do a proper Illinois Railway Museum. We needed a proper Frisco 1630 Decapod. So Ive started work on it.

Good call with making a Russian decapod for the route!

Though...just for the hell of it, would you be willing to add ARN for those who would like to use this engine out side of the IRM?
I dont plan for this engine to be operational. I hate steam animation more than anything so its just gonna be a static object.
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I have just gotten the DEM done, so we will be able to continue progress on the route. So far the route stretches from Chicago Union Station and goes up as far as Belvidere. We are planning on including the Metra Electric and South Shore at some point in the future. More updates and pics to come.