Illinois Railroad Museum W.I.P Thread

I'm willing to bet you guys that he just gave in, and threw in the towel. With his trusty MAC not being so trusty...
Not a problem with my mac, atleast my GIMP doesn't crash to certain colors:hehe: Anyway, I'm just here to see if I can help. I've been wanting to make Commonwealth Edison #15 for a long time, and I'm not sure anyone has stepped up to do it, how 'bout I start working now, and I'll send in a couple screenshots to see what you guys think, that way I don't screw anyone over if they still want to/are actually doing it.
Here is a TOTALLY accurate and prototypical Frisco 1630.


P.S. Actual update coming soon. Been working on 1630 so some render of it either later tonight or within the next few days.
Sometimes quiet contemplation, sharpening of skills, and gathering of strength can be mistaken for giving up.

No, we did not stop working on this because of Matt3985 working on a similar project.
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