I think it is by coincidence that I lost 2022 and so I mention it here......

that I heard the there was an update so I went to 2022 to update and later, I was adding things from the " Store " and things eventually got slow and I tried to " Cancel " a download and yada, yada, yada, the game crashed so I re-started my computer and the 2022 desktop launch icon was all bleached out and then I went looking for my installation to pull a new icon out and I can't find my install of 2022.

I've heard of shutting down at the wrong time corrupting a program, but do they actually disappear????

I wasn't playing with 2022 while waiting for more wrinkles to be ironed out but it looks like my next move is to re-install 2022.

I did try getting more things out of the Store for my 2019 but I'm being very careful, I sure don't want to lose what is working for me!!!

Wild Willy the Wacko
I've had problems with the desktop icon no longer pointing to the program (or data folders), but I don't think a program can disappear without some help.

Firstly, (assuming Windows PC!)
If you left-click on the start icon, can you see the N3V folder, if so, can you see the TS22? does it link to the program?

Second thought - does your virus checker auto-delete suspicious files? if so, check the wastebasket...

After TS22 upgrades, it will run a database repair - you may have interrupted this by downloading somethings from the store, leaving the program in a weired state.

You should be able to re-download TS22 from the "MyTrainz" tab at the top of the page. This will be the latest version.


Checking your disk for file corruption in the advent of a crash or bad shutdown is advisable before doing or assuming anything else.

Right click In turn on each drive you have Trainz stuff on > Tools > Check.

May also need to run SFC /scannow in an admin cmd window in case any system files have been corrupted.