Possibly Bad 2022 PE copy?


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I have had nothing but problems since the last update. UNFORTUNATELY, I forgot to change FROM the Beta stream. But some of the issues were before the last update.

Would not run the session. Could not start it. Proper consists displayed with proper instructions but would not move. Deleted the entire session but even a simple one did nothing. I tried to kill the program but it just sets there with the dancing squares. It is in the background doing that now. Cannot stop the looping program. I have to kill it with Task Manager.

I can only guess that my copy of Trainz has become defective. However, a complete reinstall is almost not an option. I stand to loose a lot of "things".. Not everything is in CDPs. If I ever get out of this - no more betas. I have always used them to get the latest stuff, but it finally bit me.

If you download and install a Bets of 2022, and regret, it. Is there any way to regress to the previous version.
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It sounds like you're in a mess. You shouldn't have been building anything for real in the beta copy in the first place. You should always use a separate copy for testing to ensure you have a working real copy for regular use. I'm thinking that if you haven't made any changes, meaning saves, you may be able to load your data into the regular version. Download a fresh TRS22 PE version and copy your current data folder to another drive or location.

Once you have your new (old) data folder setup, install TRS22 PE and let it do its thing as if you have no data folder.

After everything is setup, go into Trainz settings on the Launcher, and the Internet tab. You now select the ... and browse to your newly setup data folder and click on select.

TRS22 will want to restart, and do so when prompted.

If all goes well, when the program restarts, you'll see a database repair running. This will most likely be an EDR and it may take a very long time to run, but in the end, you should have your content back.

The beta version has performance issues right now. You should see the notes from Laurence regarding this. Such things as precaching are turned off. Your sessions not loading are due to content loading in the background and poorly at that. You can verify this by using Show Logs from the Developer menu on the Launcher. If drivers are frozen, or the program appears frozen, check that there isn't an assertion error. The assertion error, similar to a break point, will halt the operation until the error is acted on by the user. For us regular users, we report the errors to the developers using the online form along with what we were doing at the time and provide a plethora of screenshots, notes, and as much other information we can. With an assertion error, we have three choices. We can attempt to just ignore the error, continue, or ignore future errors and allow the program to run.

Your drivers may also freeze if there's a script error. You have to enable the script error reporting in the dev tab under Trainz settings. This will put up the infamous red bug that will show what's causing the error. You may also find that information in the log as well under Show logs.
Thanks, I hope. Is switching to the normal update at this point dangerous since the running version is a Beta. Should I stay Beta until a proper version finally is presented?
Just curious, if there is an update with a higher (non-beta) build number would that be safe enough for Boleyd to install? I am thinking updates to higher (non beta) build numbers should not remove assets unless they are replacing obsoleted assets with new versions?
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