I lost my Hard Drive

Hi everyone, haven't been on in a while. Lost my hard drive with TS2019 on it. I have reinstalled the Trainz Program,
but I seem to be missing some my content that came with the original install. Number #1: How can I verify what I should have. I have build: 117009. Number 2:can someone point me the right direction installing what I am missing?

Thanks for your help!!
Sorry to hear that, Bruce.

If I'm not mistaken, the built-ins are now downloaded from within the program due to the large nature of the assets the same as you do for your DLC.

I don't know the current version of TRS19 though. I think there's an update for that up to SP5.
Hi everyone!!
I am using Google Earth Placemarks for the route I am trying to model. I would like to put the same corresponding labels on the baseboard. I have found nothing about adding labels in Trainz. I hope someone can help. That would be great!
I just use some re-nameable oversized pins or flags to mark places of interest. see KUID2: <KUID2:70337:23005:15> on the DLS as an example. An oldie but still useful.
map flag black.JPG
You can do that using the Pushpins by Martinvk or the C+ Notes by Itareus.

If you are looking for an automated method, I can't think of any.
Did you get all your content? On the Trainz Launcher go to "Content Store" and download everything (you want) that says "Install" or "update". There is one particular that is "T:ANE Assets for TRS19" that you may want.