Files on old hard drives


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Hello everyone.
I started with T:ANE some time ago, and only recently upgraded to 19. I've always run the programs on laptops, some of which fell victim to various damaged and were replaced.
I still have all the old hard drives - and what I'd like to do is combine all my old T:ANE stuff - routes, assets, etc onto one large hard drive.
Is this possible? Advisable?
I'd really like to get some of my old routes back.
Many thanks
Step one would be to get physical access to the drives. A Ugreen hard disk enclosure with power supply you can get them from Amazon would be where I'd start.

Then install TANE, back up your data first. Next point Tane at the data folder and see what happens. There are instructions on how to do this floating around. Export to .cdp and import to TS19.

Cheerio John