How to Fix Unsupported File Type


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Most files that I download for trainz are .cdp files, but there are some others like .7Z or .rar, and when I try to import them, it says that it's an unsupported file type. I don't know a way to convert the file to a .cdp file without corrupting it, or a way to make content manager let me import these types of files. Does anyone know what to do?

.7Z and Rar are types of compression file simular to a zip file but in a bifferent formant and your .cdp is compressed inside of it. WinRar is a freeware program that you can download and open these file type with.
These are compressed file packages similar to zip files. You need to find a utility app to expand them and you will likely see that they are in fact cdp files. Search web for "rar expander" and etc.
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