Highland Link Route


Hi Vern
After downloading your route I have the follow Unknown Assets

Would you tell me where I may get them please?
Probably Transdem textures - I did note in the text description (I think) that despite replacing these with normal ground textures, the route was still showing as containing them. You can safely disregard the warning - all you need to actually run the route is either built in or on the DLS.
Thanks Vern. I went to Edit route >delete missing assets and got rid of them. Graphics didn't appear affected in any way when I then ran the route.
What a great little route it is. Very good. Cheers
Glad it's sorted and thanks for your kind comments.

Next TANE route I attempt (probably after SP1 goes live), I'll try and reproduce the issue and if need be raise it as a bug although come to think of it I did the terrain replacement on the Transdem textures and delete assets in TS12 before porting across to TANE. Will be interesting to see if a pure TANE built route did the same thing.