Here's an idea for a T:ANE Promo

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Do the same thing in this video, but replace the 'Bad Guys' with other railroad sims (RailWorks, MSTS, etc.) and 'Chuck Norris' with T:ANE.

This thread is just going to go down hill

Well, I thought it was a clever idea. Sometimes if you want to advertise your product, you have to think outside the box. Take Blendtec, instead of talking about it's capabilities, they instead show the blender's capabilities. By putting a T:ANE CD in a Blendtec blender along with CDs from other sims in a Blendtec blender and having the T:ANE CD survive, in effect you are showing that T:ANE's more powerful, or tougher, than other sims.
I honestly wouldn't consider T:ANE all glorious and powerful as it is. It hasn't been released yet! And really, you should have specified what your intentions were when you made the thread and actually go into more detail because the way your coming off initially is that N3vrf4ls should start advertising blenders.
There's no guarantee that T:ANE will be worthy of a blockbuster trailer.
It could be the next Mr. Bean for all we know! ;)
I'm pretty sure TANE's disk would grind up just as well as those belonging to other sims. Having it survive when it really wouldn't would be considered false advertising for the strength of the disk, as opposed to the quality of the sim. Such an ad could get N3V sued, and rightly so, despite the ridiculousness of the reason.

An ad for a sim should show off the overall quality of the program, such as the graphics, physics, and other such details. Show off how good it looks and how well it works, rather than tossing its disk with others in a blender to miraculously "survive".
Ok, first up...

If you're recommending that we actively compare T:ANE with other products in a 'promo'; then this is treading extremely dangerous ground and could end us in [legal] hot water for doing so.

If you're suggesting we blend a T:ANE DVD edition, or collector's edition, well there's not much point to that. It doesn't really promote T:ANE, and isn't going to be much of a promotion for a blender (well, the collector's edition might be :p ).

I suppose someone could make a blender in blender, and then blend a T:ANE DVD made in blender in the blender made in blender...

But seriously, before this thread gets any further I think it might be best to lock it...

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