Help with TTX Double Stack car's missing bogey asset


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While browsing the DLS, I came across some nice looking double-stack cars by Boweavel- the TTX 40 ft double stacks, and the 48 ft versions. However, there's a KUID that's missing... kuid:45681:19000

I found a decent replacement for the missing kuid as I can't find that kuid here at DLS. The problem is, I can't get CCP (Content Creator Plus) to open or work to edit config.txt to change the kuid's. I'm using Windows XP and the TRS2006 version of Content Manager Plus (CMP). I try doing "Edit in CCP" but for some reason the CCP program never shows up to work and edit in. I wait like 5 minutes literally and still nothing. Is there any other way to fix up config.txt's besides CCP?

Also, I'm not too well versed or fully understand the whole config.txt thing. Here's what I did... I mark the train car asset for "Open for Edit", then open its config file in "Editing" folder. Then after that, I open the config.txt in Notepad. I change the KUID in there, and save it. When I return to the CMP, it still shows the dependencies as broken, even after refreshing it. I've also tried "committing" the recently edited asset, but it doesn't work.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Or any help with making CCP work so I can edit stuff in there?
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Try closing CMP after you start CCP and see if it doesn't pop up then. It should do this by itself but sometime it sticks and doesn't close CMP. When you close CCP then CMP should re-open.

It sounds like you did it correctly the manual way. In older config.txt files the bogie listing is just a single line. If there is a KUID table then make sure you replace the old kuid there with the new one. Check the new bogie for any faults in CMP and fix them. If it is faulty then it will show up as missing on the car.