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I started this post, because in my house hold nobody else is interested in trains (Trainz). Come on, if you are excited about the things you enjoy in life, you want to share it with someone. That said, I know there is a lot of train users that build from scratch. I merged a lot of routes over the past few years, some has a huge height difference and it forced me to build additional mountain passes to join the routs realistically. But that is how you learn.

Here is my latest project.

As some of you know, I am a huge fan of Phil Skene’s routes

The Merge:
Port Ogden & Northern with the south section of BesideTheRiver and the rest of RiversideRailroadCo. The north section of RiversideRailroadCo (Diaspar) is Invercargill on IndustRail, so the merge there was perfect. The south section of BesideTheRiver fits perfectly at the northwest of Port Ogden & Northern, as with Austral Bay.


Port Ogden & IndustRail is for me still the best routes on Trainz, when you want so much possibilities to move commodities. Updating the quality should be easier with the new Surveyor 2.0, but that is for later. I am still using 90% of the time the classic surveyor.

I used Port Ogden & Northern 2a, IndustRail 2a, RiversideRailroadCo 3a, which is the last versions that still uses BI, BI2, LARS & ProtoLARS industries. I still prefer these industries, easier to setup. With the latest content manager, it is very easy to create your own, which I did. I created 25 different LARS & ProtLARS industries accordingly. I also change the ProtoLARS track from 10m to 20m

For example: Where there is a container wharf, I created a LARS / ProtoLARS with only containers. I replaced all the industries like that. I did about 10 hours of testing on all the industries, all working 100%. This merge has no glitches, the terrain is very good and all these has trees, maybe not the best, but is a good route to drive on.

I created an all-new LARS Heavy Hauling (50 Commodities). I added this industry at:
Port Arthur
Port Ogden South

Few commodities
<kuid:101046:106916> Caterpillar 980C Load Dep Flatcar DES
<kuid2:60238:11017:1> Aircraft EC-HH65 Dolphin Helicopter Product
<kuid2:97008:298494:2> Caterpillar980H Product
<kuid2:101046:101006:1> CAT Articulated Truck (Product)
<kuid2:101046:100999:1> John Deere Combine (Product 2) for Depressed Flatcar
<kuid2:56063:700039:4> Caterpillar Bulldozer D11R Product
<kuid2:56063:700040:4> Caterpillar Bulldozer D11R Push Frames and Blade Product
<kuid2:101046:100985:1> John Deere Combine with Tires Removed (Product)
<kuid:581273:102922> DYLT Heavy Machinery Tire Load
<kuid:581273:103445> DYLT I-Beam Stack Red
<kuid:212731:1000089> Heavy Ship Device (TRS)
<kuid2:173286:600000:1> gas generator
<kuid:101046:101025> Pipe Load 1 for Bulkhead Flatcar DES (Product)
<kuid:439337:109537> Fire Truck-SAP
<kuid:212731:1000087> Heavy machine (TRS)
<kuid:101046:101019> Large Steel Beams Load for Bulkhead Flatcar DES (Product)
<kuid2:101046:101083:1> Hydrogen Tanks (Product)
<kuid2:101046:105848:1> Wind Turbine Nodule Product DES
<kuid2:68213:60024:1> Loader Volvo L180C
<kuid:101046:106912> Transformer Product ver 1 DES
<kuid:101046:106915> Transformer Product ver 2 DES
<kuid2:101046:105821:1> Wind Turbine Product Blade DES

To load on these cars:
Flatcar Depressed Center 55 ft TTX DES
370 ton flat
and many more

I updated KholMine to a more modern mine to be able to load 100 (or more) hoppers. Reason for the loop, to keep the long train of the main line while loading. (I work on coal mines and we have rail load-out that can load 100 hoppers (or more).


Imagine a 100 car coal train loading at Kholmine, going through south pass, double decker bridge via VanDenH and all the way to Amour, through Riverside, onto IndustRail and all the way to Sparks PowerStation. I might stream it soon.

I updated 1 of Sparks PowerStations to be able to receive 100 cars, with a loop all around, once again to stay of the main line.


I replace all the main line tracks with <kuid2:523:1116:5> TANE Trk Concrete (thank you for a bulk replacement tool), all the AI tracks with <kuid2:30501:1001:10> TANE Trk Oak and all the dock rails with <kuid2:523:1216:3> TANE Trk Rails Only.
First Session - 100 Coal Run
This session load 100 coal hoppers at Kholmine (Port Ogden & Northern) and deliver to Sparks Powerstation (IndustRail)
Kholmine needs diesel fuel. Departs with UP Big Boy {{<kuid:581273:101386> Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 Engine by daylightrain}} from Armstrong, on your way, attached & load tank cars at Armstrong Oil Field. Deliver to Ogden Oil Refinery. Attached & load 3 diesel fuel tank cars at Ogden Oil Refinery and deliver to Kohlmine, Load 100 hoppers and deliver to Sparks Powerstation
AI Trains are running at 15 minutes intervals
± 100 miles
















That's all very well done. But unless all of your facilities are run by robots you need roads for employees to drive to work every day to run those facilities and places to park their cars. Adds a little more realism to your world. Just a thought.

That's all very well done. But unless all of your facilities are run by robots you need roads for employees to drive to work every day to run those facilities and places to park their cars. Adds a little more realism to your world. Just a thought.

I decided I am not going to make changes like that to one of best classic routes ever built. I am busy creating Richards Bay Coal Terminal in South Africa from scratch with a lot of detail, using Google Earth. Will post a few screen shots later
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Some screens of Richards Bay Coal Terminal.
Still adding more detail
- Substation and powerlines
- Northern harbor and town to be build.

This is my first build from scratch. It has been a journey. I started merging small routes and created the sections in between, than larger with height differences. This game is like a school to me. You start in grade 1 and go through the grades. I think I am now starting high school.











Your progress sounds really impressive! It’s great to hear how you’ve developed your skills over time, starting with small routes and now tackling more complex projects, and now you’re stepping into your first build from scratch. Keep up the fantastic work, @CobraLAD!