HD terrain screenshots


So in the end my curiosity got the better of me and I plumped for a month's plus subscription so I could check out HD terrain. When will I ever learn? N3V never fail to disappoint and it rarely takes more than a few minutes for that to happen. My first test was to put a section of track across a baseboard at an angle to the grid, and hit the "smooth terrain under spline" option. After waiting for what seemed like forever (probably a minute or so) the operation finally completed. Certainly the high resolution terrain conforms much more tightly to the track spline, but the LOD distance for the tessellation is so short that you can clearly see the embankment degrading under the track just a hundred metres or so from the camera. Half a baseboard away it basically just becomes a series of spikes. As you move your viewpoint along the track you can see the terrain morphing into it's final shape just a short distance away.

It amazes me that someone at N3V did an initial feasability test on this system and said "yes, I think this should be OK". 😲
I honestly can't see how anyone would think this is an improvement over the existing system in it's current state. Certainly not worth the tradeoff with the 16 textures per baseboard limit.

Hello everybody,

@weevil, how do you get that steep slope?

When I apply the command "smooth terrain under spline" I get immediately, 1 second at most, this which is nothing to do with HD, it's even closer to a 10 meter than a 5 meter.

I have version 122411 with a powerful PC and the baseboard is actually HD.

What did I miss ?

So, we've had this development for around 9 months, just wondering how many people are using this on large routes and if any of them are ever going to grace the DLS.

I must admit that I could do with it in a few instances as I have a route that has 99 embankments and around 75 cuttings, some of them huge...and a number of small tight underpasses that were fiendishly tricky to create with 5m terrain .

However that route, despite being only 30 miles long , is currently 326 mb and it isn't anywhere near complete, I just wonder what the file size would be if it was created by using HD........
Hi dangavel,

I am currently using HD on my S&D route which is under development. At 71 miles it's quite big and the filesize upon conversion to HD jumped ro around 1700mb, so saving can take a couple of minutes. I'm hoping N3V have a strategy in place to address this in the future as this would naturally limit what can be uploaded to the DLS but I imagine they would have factored this in. Some updates are coming for HD including texture replacement so I'm sure we'll continue to see it being developed.


As per others I find the HD works best in concentrated pockets of detail. In fact if it weren't for the rip in the fabric of spacetime where HD meets 5 or 10 metre baseboards I'd quite happily keep the HD to where it matters most. My route is an island surrounded by sea and comprises about 2000 baseboards. This started off in TRAINZ 1 for Mac and evolved up to TRAINS + (with not a few hiccoughs along the way) and I simply converted the whole thing to HD in one fell swoop of the mouse. I do love HD but as has been said, you've got to put the work in to get the best out of it; manually sculpting embankments and cuttings and other topographical intricacies. Embankments and cuttings are still too wide using the 'smooth under' button which was a bit of a disappointment for me. But the overall upshot is that it's an important stepping stone on the way to realism and I'm very grateful for it. Here's a screenshot of the sidings at Helensburgh on my route.


ps: What I'd like to see TRAINZ implement in the next update is generative AI , (they could call it trAInz :)) whereby I simply tell it - "Recreate the Invergarry & Fort Augustus line in 8K resolution with full historical accuracy, period costumes, a generous selection of rolling stock and it's raining." and it does it in less than 10 seconds.