Have to click well away from an item to select it


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Howdy folks; Ok, this is really annoying to say the least. In surveyor trying to work on my route and I laid down some ruler lines, however, when I try to move or adjust them I have to click about 50m away from them to select them and I have to be top down. In some cases I click on the arrow end and surveyor will select a ruler line 100s of meters away, even when zoomed in right on top of the arrow. This is happening with some other stuff too like track markers. Any idea why this is so and how to fix it?
Is your display resolution set exactly the same as your Windows desktop resolution? This can happen if the two are not the same.

Both are suppose to be 1920x1080 but I think my laptop is wrong when it says it is in that mode. Graphic properties say 1920x1080 but I have had other programs say my computer is not in its native resolution, so I think something is wrong. This is my first Nvidia GPU so not sure what to do. I will play with the trainz settings to see what happens, thanks.
You are correct

It was a mismatched display, computer at 1600x900, Trainz at 1920x1080. Thanks for the help, alleviated a lot of headaches.