Has anyone purchased Trainz 12 from JR?


Gone for good~
Normally I order a copy of Trainz direct from the company itself, but seeing that JR also sells the boxed version of Trainz 12, has anyone else ordered that from JR or have they had any problems with the timeframe of shipping?

Asking mainly bc it takes 10 days shipping time, and JointedRail is far closer in terms of location. Has anyone else ordered their copy of Trainz 2012 from JR and if so, have they had any problems at all?
Ordered mine thru them, but it was a digital Download.

Easy Peasy, no fuss at all.
Digital Download a few months back for me. Instant email and took about 4 hours to download.
As with most Trainz Payware providers.
You could not find a company with more integrity, honesty, and service.
Several years ago I had a bad experience with one but I don't want to catch any
heat by posting it's name.
I always chose a boxed product, over a digital download ... but that's just me.

JR shipping was fast !
I ship fast!

If you want to order it make sure to do so before Christmas as I will not be shipping anything till January 5th after that point. Will be in Pittsburgh between Christmas and New Years so the shipping guy wont be able to ship anything!

If it is after Christmas I will be at our retail location in Folkston, GA. I have copies I can ship from there, and you can even watch me ship it on our webcams!! LOL

Throwing it at the passing Northbound UMAX containers doesn't qualify as "shipping".:hehe:


Maybe he's going to use the old split-stick train order method and hand it up to the engineer? I didn't realize CSX still did lineside postal service!!!:hehe: Joking aside, that's good enough for me. I'm ordering mine today.
I have the DVD disc version and I'm pretty sure that Mike posted it to me in England back in 2011, they look after their customers even from across the pond. As always, a pleasure being a customer of theirs, always excellent support from Kevin, Mike and Justin, can't speak highly enough of them.

Cheerz. ex.
To answer your question, i did get my TS12 copy (a boxed one) from the JR Team, and got a $20 gift card to boot! It arrived in about 4 days for me. Well worth it.

Keep calm and try it out,