Go I have the proper version ?

Up until yesterday, I was running TRS 2022. I purchased a Trainz Plus Gold subscription. Now I'm not sure if I have the proper version installed.

The launcher says TRAINZ 22 PE and not Trainz Plus. I previously had Trainz Plus and at the time, the launcher clearly said that. The build number is 122418. Is this the Trainz Plus Gold Build?

Secondly, I have a route that I started building a few months a go. Can it somehow be converted HD Terrain or do I have to start all over? Going into Surveyor 2.0, I could not find HD Terrrain.

Thanks in advance,

You have the TRS22 retail version. Go to MyTrainz and download the TRS22 plus version. This is the only version with HD.
What is the latest build number for trs22 Plus? For me, that would be the MAC version, but the originator of this thread probably needs the Windows version.
I have 122431 - for a while I had a higher number, but it turned out that it was a beta version and very problematic, so I've gone back to 122431.