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A Mad Project In Progress

One from the "Another Mad Project" folder:


So I said, "I've done boxcars before, and passenger cars with complex door animations. How hard can it be?"


There will, of course, be an undec version.
The first six phases of the Old Durango Smelter's metamorphoses (1882-1904) will be soon available on DLS.
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Two very different current tasks in progress ...

A Class H 2-8-0 Beyer & Peacock from 1884 converted to tank engine at 1941 :

New Stadler Euro 4001 diesel (7 units) to Uruguay . The first arrive next week, expected.

Hello from France,

good new for these two loks !!! I will follow your job with great attention...

Very friendly, Marc
The final textures are almost ready, still looking for errors, while add the bogies preparing to export the static test mesh ... 140.000 polys at Lod 0