Frustrated and disillusioned – a review of Trainz 2010


handlaid --

Welcome to the absorbing/frustrating/obsessional (cross out what not appropriate) world of Trainz.

I don't have a copy of TS2010, but if it's like earlier versions there will be a few pdf documents in the TS2010 folder that cover most of your dot points.

If you want smooth curves, you will certainly need templates. Search the DLS using "Curve Radius" and "Template" for starters. The one I use most is "90d_100-400m Template".

Using this it is extremely easy to achieve this:


The white dots are the sections of track where I used the straighten tool in the track flyout.

Tell us how you progress. With the name that you are using we will all be expecting great things from you.


Thanks Phil,

Any more gems like that ?

I run three versions of trainz on both my computers 2004,2006,2010.
I was apprehensive on whether to go for 2010 after all the bad press on here. I finally bit the bullet and went for it and found it was as reliable as 2004 and better than 2006. It has a few drop outs now and then but the better graphics make up for that.
I think that repairing content has been par for the course in Trainz. I find it a challenge to get something to work when it comes broken, and have learned more about the game from that.
My only complaint would be against Content Creators who upload a route, name it something grand and when you download it, there is a single baseboard, a length of track with a few trees and thats it.
Ninjja, I think Beadyboy made a whole set of templates like that. Also, there are some built in (in TS2009 anyway) turnout templates that makes laying turnouts a snap.

when you have built and lost as many routes as i have, the last one 200plus baseboards. yo get really good at it. ill give one tip on grades, which i do . if you do a mtn pass put in track on a straight line. raise it to a height required at one end. then for curved sections put in spline points and curve to radius required. this way you get a smooth grade and nice curves. then use the spline levelling to bring ground up to track. and then build your mtns around it using the spline leveling to reveal track that gets hidden. clear as mud. there are lots of things you learn from experience. so dont be afraid if you think of it try it.
Has somebody ever made a list of all these track-laying guides? I hear about so many, but most people don't even mention the item name, thus giving no real chance for others to find them.
Even better, is there a tutorial on creating custom guides?

I have found a set of 2-track spacing guides that I use all the time, but they are far from ideal and can be a real p.i.t.a. sometimes. They also have to be removed before I can do any terrain work.

Search Mr.Den on the DLs he made some really great straight and curve guides