RBR is not restarting ... Activities using whatever route catches the fancy.

When the updated RBR route is ready no doubt something for that will get on the list.
That's ok, I have updated and modified RBR to run in Tane and it still looks pretty good for it's age.

First ever and best route in trainz from yesteryears!

Happy to read the RBR will be getting an upgrade!

I can recall my beta-testing days of the RBR

Good to see you again Jen!

Take Care
I Had a feeling something like this was coming due to the forum changing up a bit! As a person who (though a very long story) couldn't use the DLS in TRS2006, the razor back kept my interest in the game going, glad to hear it might be back and looking better than ever! :D
That link provided all I get is a blank page with unrecognizable characters!

As a guess your browser is 'showing' the file rather than downloading it, try right click > download link as ... or whatever your browser has as the equiv
Thanks Jenolan

Another old Razorback Railway activities fan waiting for the new JATZ: Jenolan's Activities for Trainz

Best Regards from Spain.

Ps: I try to login into Jenolan's CESS but I can't
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