funny webpage about Union Pacific

Excellent Truemac, thanks for sharing it with us, it reminded me of some of our old British Rail "Rules and Regulations". In fact it is so funny, I think it ought to be printed out and made into a sticky......:hehe:

Cheerz. ex-railwayman.
I used to get into trouble now & again over personal days when I was at work

We were told we had to book personal days .

For me they usually followed a sickie on Thursday or Monday = long weekend

When asked why didn't you book it in .

I didn't know something personal was going to happen & It's none of your business it's a personal family matter & doesn't concern you.

Some drivers I worked with many years ago used to book sickie's 2 weeks in advance........:hehe:
And before you ask, NO, I wasn't one of them......

Cheerz. ex.