Four Questions mainly about display


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1. In Trainz, I used to be able to swap between the normal view and a full-screen with nothing else but scenery and train by pressing Tab. I don't actually want to do that because I like seeing the little track graphic, but I would like to be able to hide the Drivers' Instructions from time to time. Is this possible?
2. Going back to that track graphic, if I click on the cogwheel with spanner icon, I can change what is shown, eg I don't want to know what number signal is coming up, but I would quite like to see Trackmarks. However, any change I make works for the duration of that driving session only. Is there no way to change the settings so they last until I want to make another change?
3. In the route I am currently working on, in Drive mode I frequently see messages just above the track graphic saying mysterious things like "stopVehicle = 2 (or 3 or 4)". I don't even know which train this refers to. Sometimes, it just says "A", which is even more mysterious. How can I get rid of this?
4. There are a few assets that look wonderful in full light, but in half light or at night, they develop a flicker which is hard to look at. in my current route, I've only got a couple like that, but one which really sticks out because it is otherwise a beautiful asset, is Philadelphia Museum of Art (hi poly) <kuid:4813848121003:2> Why does this happen? Is there any way to change it?
hi rhban,

1> F5 will turn interfaces off
2> Settings you do on the cogwheel, should be saved between sessions
FI here I have it all off and use the Trackview rule by klaus Malorney
3> the messages you see are generated by scripts, scripters use these to debug their code
but some forget to turn it off for final versions
4> Nightmode in Trainz works a bit weird, instead of swapping a texture or mesh,
an extra mesh gets loaded and rendered, if that extra mesh is too close to the base mesh, it will flicker
an alternative i use is subtle self-illumination in the interior, removing the need for an extra mesh

hope this helps
greetings GM
Thank you. Some of those I will try. Some I don't think I can do anything about. In particular, I hate saving when in Drive mode, as it changes the positions of my trains, so I guess I'm stuck with the unwanted cogwheel sessions.
With regard to the unwanted messages, they were worst when I downloaded some Niddertal stations, which worked well in earlier versions of Trainz, but which generated lots of annoying messages in trs19. I've removed all of those, but I wondered if other stations could be doing this. I think my current route only uses DMT (always trustworthy), Amtrak and a couple of other "thru" stations.