Flashing Lines


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Trainz 12 Ultimate Build 61383 Running Windows 8 How best to describe this problem have down loaded route BR/WR Main Line Updated when trying to change a few things or add loco's and rolling stock flashings lines appearer from trees or buildings the only way to stop it is to delete the object would anyone know what might be wrong have done the usual cheeks and changed the screen settings but nothing helps any ideas please.
Hi Alan,

Can you capture a screenie for us? That would be really helpful. You can upload it to www.hostthenpost.com if you don't have access PhotoBucket or one of the other picture hosting websites.

Does this happen immediately, or over time?

Does this happen only with certain rolling stock?

It could be hardware related, meaning a failing video card, that has some failing video memory or GPU.

I assume what he's talking about is 'artifacting'. Eg.


This is most likely because Windows 8 has upgraded to 8.1 and the graphic drivers are no longer stable. Download the latest Windows 7 drivers for your graphics card and see if that fixes your problem.
Go back to your image on HostThenPost and then My Upoads and copy and paste the 'Forum' link from your images in here. Then we can see them :)