fixing 'broken' crossings


This could go in at least 1 of any 3 forum, but I'll start with this one :) I note that rail crossings originally built for 2004 are now broken in 2006. I have also noted several comments, over time, pointing out that broken crossings can be fixed to work in 2006 by editing the script - without ever specifically detailing what the script fix is (I may have missed a thread, of course). I would appreciate a pointer as to what this script edit/fix entails.
BNSF50 has working crossings for TRS2006. Use his or contact him for help. See


Thank you, however I need Xings for LH drive traffic and which are reasonably generic and without a restrictive licence. My preference is to get the dkcrossing range (kuid2:62310:30045:1 to :30071:1, which can be LH or RH) of Xings to work in 2006 (these Xings, in my view, are still the best and most flexible solution to Xings in trainz) - you can configure as many or as few tracks as you like, with or without gates/lights/bells (as many or as few as you like, double booms, single booms, short booms, long booms, booms and no lights, lights and no booms etc), and have the paraphenalia (lights/booms etc) as close or as far from the actual crossings as you might prefer.
New to Trainz have a ?

Great crossings from BNSF50 can I just place them in my layout or is there anything else I have to do for them to work. Just got TRS06 and very new to all of this
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