Invisible roads are invisible (no cars will spawn) in Driver


Submitted a ticket for the Dev team to research.

General Information
Ticket ID#WCC-666-35305
First and Last NameChili46

Subject: Invisible Roads
It appears that invisible roads on the maps are just that - completely invisible (i.e., no traffic). This use to work and it appears to be broken on SP3, 4, and 5.

Here's what I found: The tag: invisible 1 is what has broken the assets (all, not just the ones I've created.) Setting invisible to 0 and cars will spawn and be visible when in Driver.

This is not a request for help, but rather a pointer to what has been broken so that the Dev team might be able to fix it.
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Use these Car Generators from the DLS to show how it is done for them to work correctly.
typical DLS <kuid2:95230:101322:1>
Jons Oneway invisible 1L np "Generator TR for 2 Lanes no passing"
Jons Oneway invisible 2L np "Generator TR for 2,3, & 4 Lane highways no passing "
Jons Oneway invisible 3L np "Generator TR for 3, & 4 Lane highways no passing"

TR=Traffic Generated
Carz will then Pass the slower carz once generated onto the roads.
Use the invisible Oneway passing roads for them to allow passing.

I have many on the DLS that work perfectly for 1, 2, & 3 Lanes
They generate Carz in surveyor and Driver but they have truly invisible Lines.
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Been there, done that, but the issue is that invisible roads with carrate a non-zero value SHOULD automatically spawn carz in Driver. It doesn't or if it does the carz are invisible.
Got a reply from the Helpdesk. Yes, this is a known issue and the Dev team is working on it. No estimate yet as to when it might be solved.

My own take: Until then, the traffic spawners will work. Some better than others. My choice right now, for the way I'm using invisible roads, is BNSF50's Road Car Spawner NC BSF50 <kuid2:39134:102324:1> and Road Car Spawner BSF50 <kuid2:39134:101138:3>
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