Fictional Trains

where did you get that??? can i have it????

It's on the DLS. Just type in Hogwarts. The coaches (passenger cars, I prefer non-USA terms since they were they first I learned) are built-in assets, not relating to Harry Potter. (Non-HP fans DO NOT confuse with Trainz user Harry_James_Potter!). They were chosen because they exactly look like the ones in the films.
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here is mine
Can we post trams? Are they trains? Here's a sample from Westhaven - apologies for size.


I never got around to uploading any carriages or wagons, because the trams are more interesting. The one on the right is a model of Leeds 180 and is genuine, whilst Westhaven 1 is built for paulzmay's Westhaven route.

More here ->

Trams here ->
and here ->
Class 141 Northern Rail

One for the UK now (Wessex_Electric_Nutters Class 141 in Northern Rail Livery, but you can't download the livery yet)
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