downloading Lars Indust Rail v3


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Hi All,
When downloading Lars Indust Rail v3 and Lars CDK 10m Grain through the content manager ,downloads o.k. but cannot find in Buildings or any other part of surveyor. Help would be appreciated and many thanks for helping me in the past
with any problems. Cheers, robynne............
surveyor/Main Menu/Find Object / industry
If it is committed it has to be one of your industry's

If not actuality on a route.
CM/drop asstet into "PickList"
Run trains/Surveyor.Content/ search filter/click pick list idem
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Two possibilities both unlikely but worth a mention just in case:

Are the industries open for edit in CM? If yes commit.

Have you downloaded all the dependencies? Download any that are missing.

You should be able to find them in Surveyor in the Buildings tab by simply typing Lars in the box at the top of the list. The list should jump to anything beginning with Lars.