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Can anyone give me some idea how to use Free Download Manager to download TANE RC1 ? I have tried several times on both links to download. All of them ended up with error messages about Archive files missing or corrupted or some such thing. As a result I have 113 errors, mostly textures, that appear as holes in the terrain that you can see through. The game is totally unplayable. Someone suggested that I use a Download manager, but the instructions for using it don't tell me everything I need to know...I cannot get it to download anything. Why could not this version of TANE have been as downloadable as ALL of the previous versions ?????

I may have to wait until I get my boxed edition in May.

I had to use the one recommended on the download 1.1 TANE page. The latest V1.2 was done by Firefox FROM San Jose with no problems at 29mbs.
FDM if you install it monitors the clipboard or if you click on a download link it will open a basic dialogue which is pretty simple, you don't need to run the full program.

Just click OK and it will start, no need to bother about any of the settings etc.
I finally got it to download the files...but I got an error message reading: could not open the program because OpenAL32.dll is not on my computer. What the hell is that?...and why all of a sudden does this build of TANE not work like the others did???