does trainz have lore?

i remember asking it about it in the lost media question i had awhile back but to requote "like image of the who made the route is a god controlling everything as we speak engines being made citys being made at a blink of a eye" again its a dumb question but still i wonder about this ik its simulator about driving trains such as shunting trucks and pulling freight etc etc but i guess the closest to lore is to real life world events...yes this is stupid but i wonder about this
thanks for answering this stupid question
Could you please start using proper punctuation and capitalization? Or at the very least give it a serious try?
You learn to use that somewhere around the age of 10 years and it makes your posts a lot easier to read. If, for some miracle, you don't know how when to use capital letter and punctuation, follow the links provided or google it.

And that is not a stupid question of me, it is some serious advise to make some people less irritated about your posts and makes them a lot easier to read for the rest of us. That will likely result in more people willing to answer your questions, so there is a hidden bonus in it for you.
And no, this is not the first time I am giving you that advise. And no, I don't want a reply about this. Just start doing it.
It's just a railway simulator and a virtual model train set if you will. That's it. You can make a railway and make a story behind it. The world is your oyster. Don't over think it.
I remember asking about it in the lost media question I had a while back. But to re-quote "like image of the creator who made the route, is a God controlling everything as we speak; engines being made; cities being made at a blink of a eye"? Again, it's a dumb question but still I wonder about this? If it's a simulator about driving trains such as shunting trucks (freight wagons?) and pulling freight, etc. etc.? But I guess the closest to lore is to real life world events. Yes, this is stupid but I wonder about this.
Thanks for answering this stupid question.
OK, "It’s a puzzle, Miss Scully, and scruffy minds like me like puzzles.". So I took a shot at it. Not as easy as you might think.
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I plugged it into Copilot and got this response:

Your question isn’t stupid at all; it’s quite imaginative and thought-provoking! In the context of train simulators, the idea of a creator or a god-like figure controlling everything can be likened to the player themselves. When you’re playing a train simulator, you have control over the trains, the routes, and various aspects of the game world, which can indeed feel god-like.
Train simulators like Train Sim World 41 and others offer a very detailed and immersive experience where players can engage in activities such as driving trains, shunting trucks (freight wagons), and managing freight. These simulators often strive for realism and may include real-world events and scenarios as part of their gameplay to enhance the experience2.
The lore in these games is usually tied to the real-life history of trains and railroads, and some simulators even include historically accurate routes and trains. For example, Train Sim World 4 has updates and expansions that reflect real-world developments and historical events1.
So, while the simulators themselves don’t have a narrative or lore in the traditional sense, the closest they come to it is through the replication of real-world train operations and historical events. It’s a way for players to experience the life of a train driver or railway manager in a simulated environment that mirrors reality. Enjoy your virtual train journeys! 🚂

Apparently, the AI isn't a Trainz user yet. I did find the emoji at the end a nice touch.
We need to educate the AI on the finesse that Trainz has over Train Sim World and other train sim imposters. ;-)
I tried this in Bing, with the AI search engine to see what I can get out of it...

We need to educate the AI on the finesse that Trainz has over Train Sim World and other train sims.

Certainly! Trainz and Train Sim World are both popular train simulation games, each with its own unique features that appeal to different preferences in the train sim community.
Trainz is often praised for its robust world-building tools and community-driven content. It allows users to create and share their own routes and scenarios, offering a more creative and customizable experience1. The series has been evolving, with Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 and the newer Trainz 2022 offering improved graphics and features2.
On the other hand, Train Sim World is known for its highly realistic simulation, detailed environments, and immersive gameplay. It focuses on the experience of driving trains with realistic physics and controls3. However, it has been noted that Train Sim World comes with fewer routes, and additional routes and locomotives can be quite expensive due to DLC (Downloadable Content) pricing4.
In terms of graphics and performance, Train Sim World generally has an edge, especially with its newer iterations, providing a more visually impressive experience. Trainz, while it may not match the graphical fidelity of Train Sim World, compensates with its extensive customization options and a large library of user-generated content5.
Ultimately, the choice between Trainz and Train Sim World may come down to whether a user prefers a more sandbox-style game with creative freedom (Trainz) or a realistic train driving simulation with high-quality graphics and physics (Train Sim World). Both games have their strengths and cater to different aspects of train simulation, making them both valuable in their own right to the train sim community.
The use of AI software to artificially create train activities seems counter to the satisfaction of making something yourself.
Rather than baking the apple pie you simply by a frozen product.
I play TSW as well (don’t judge me 🤣), and the AI nailed every detail. Scary… 😬
This "AI" is only quoting articles and bits and pieces from users by scraping the internet. I deliberately asked a question to ChatGPT on a subject I am familiar with and posted comments on it, and then got back a response from the bot that quoted my response.
This "AI" is only quoting articles and bits and pieces from users by scraping the internet. I deliberately asked a question to ChatGPT on a subject I am familiar with and posted comments on it, and then got back a response from the bot that quoted my response.
Exactly, all the AI agents the public has access to are really just the next step in search engines. A mixture of reflective therapy which mirrors the question back and multiple search responses blended together almost verbatim. It takes me back to Eliza.
That I understand, but my concern is that’s a lot of knowledge to have access to and interpret. Knowledge is power, and things like Copilot are just the beginning. 😬
Wayback in the 2-naughts, my brother and I played with ALICE.

There was the ability to link the code into AOL chat and ICQ.

Being the evil ones we are, we created two very voluptuous bots named Anne Apostrophé and her very Swiss German friend Heidi Umlaut. We put the grave on Apostrophe to make Anne French.

We put some keywords in there and let it rip on some inebriated friends A bit later, the bots were feeding back things that can't be typed here in the forums that were leading the victims, I mean friends along to thinking they were two hot young foreign ladies looking for some fun. It got to a point where our cousin was asking Heidi out on a date and one of the other gents, one who should've known better given he was in his 60s at the time, was attempting to send some "personal pics".

It was then we killed the bots and told our friends and cousin what they were and we all had a laugh about it. None of these people lived down the incident.

In many ways, AI hasn't changed much from those early days.