Does anyone still have Landrvr1's stuff?

Hey, would anyone by chance be willing to send me Landvr1's content? Whatever you have I'd really appreciate. Used to have the stuff but the files got lost somewhere.
heyhey does anyone has his NYC sharks i can have? some of them has the swaying effect from PEVsoft and when i migrated to TS12 they kinna got some issues w the shadow
Hey, is there anyway some could send over the EMD E7 models to my PM or email? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Nevermind. daylightrain has one to download.
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This is a Google translation, perhaps some phrase is not very understandable.
The stuff on landlvr1 is very old, created for the Ultimate Trainz Collection, or UTC, before Trainz 2004.
I received part of the material from landlvr1 through a message that I put in this thread after trying for a long time, no one answered.
If no one answers you, it is because no one wants to help you, it is not that easy or you do not have the time or the desire to do it, this is not an obligation that will last forever.
I was for more than a year helping many fans to get some things from landlvr1 (about 50 fans).
Most were friendly and thanked. A few, about 10%, never gave a simple thank you, and others that certain material was missing or they did not trust what they were given because perhaps there was a virus in the link that was provided.
After I stopped helping, due to exhaustion, boredom and discontent, a fan that I helped took over and started helping others, but only for a short time because I think he has left the forum.
Of the 50 fans that I help, they must have some of the landlvr1 material if nobody wants to share that material, it's not my problem.
I can not be continuously week after week, month after month answering fans, my time to help in this matter is over.
Don't send me a PM or mention me because in the past I helped, that's over.
Anyone got Landvr1's content (Not trying to be a gimme pig, just wondering)

I don't wanna be a gimme pig, tho it would be highly appreciated (If no one respones thats alr, for how old this thread is, iam gonna be suprised if anyone is gonna see this in this month XD)
fr, tho I do want them since landvr1's models are amazing for when they were made, although its alr if no one responds cuz i can deal with magicland's models tho the sharknoses would be cool
Anyone still have Landrvr1 content?

I heard on another forum that Landrvr1 content can only be shared through email. Just wondering if anyone has his PRR and NYC RF-16s and E7's and his silverliners. My trainz games are registered, UTC, 04, 06 and 09. They just won't appear by my name. Thanks!