DLS updates = waste of time


TS12 tells me 2719 assets are out of date.

I download one to see what has changed.

kuid:79824:26010 has become kuid2:79824:26010:1
Trainz-build 1.3 is still Trainz-build 1.3

There is no mesh-table.

The only changes are the addition of a thumbnail table and foreign language usernames.

If this was supposed to be a update for TANE ........!!!!
People working on this may have only added the thumbnail, thus, "fixing" the asset and uploading it to the DLS. This makes the fixed asset compatible with older versions of Trainz that don't support mesh-tables. By upping the build-version, this also makes introduces other errors which are not seen in the older build-numbers.

However, the reason for the older build-number is most likely, as I said, to keep the assets compatible with older versions, otherwise the asset would have to be cloned and changed, and that could cause a mess too if someone had the old one and imported it into a new version of Trainz since the older version would fail due to the missing thumbnail, however, can still be loaded, with warnings, into a newer version.

This is one of the sticky things we have to deal with when we have backwards compatibility.

There is no need to update to these assets as the game will run okay with the current versions installed in the early versions.
So you based your opinion about 2719 assets on downloading 1 one them?

Do the world a big favor and never become a professional researcher until you change the size of your test group :p.

Every bug fix, no matter how small is a bug fix. I for one am happy a bunch of assets now finally have a thumb so I have a clue what they are.